The Story Behind “It Is Well With My Soul”

Hi, friends. These posts explore the backstories of well-known hymns. I pick a theme for Christmas and Easter, but random ones like this appear throughout the year. Here’s the story behind “It Is Well With My Soul.”

[“Worship Music Mini, another version of these posts, are discontinued for now. I could write why and how the format of these posts has changed over time, but long story short, I am constantly trying to adapt and improve.]

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How “Amazing Grace” Ties to the Saying “God Works in Mysterious Ways”

Hi, friends. If you live in a Western country (maybe not just there?), you have probably heard people say “God works in mysterious ways.” While looking at the Wikipedia page for “Amazing Grace,” I incidentally stumbled upon the original source of the phrase, so enjoy this bit of trivia! Continue reading “How “Amazing Grace” Ties to the Saying “God Works in Mysterious Ways””

50 Years Ago Today: 2001: A Space Odyssey Premiered

Hi, friends. Today marks the 50th year anniversary of a legendary film’s premiere in Washington, D.C.

Facts About 2001: A Space Odyssey


  • Sci-fi film from 1968 (one year before US moon landing) involving outer space, extraterrestrial life, and artificial intelligence
  • Produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick (also directed Full Metal Jacket)
  • Based on a short story by Arthur Clarke, who helped Kubrick write the screenplay
  • Novel and film versions were developed together
  • Depicts spaceflight accurately–the film is considered “hard science fiction”
  • Contains minimal dialogue–none at all for the first and last twenty minutes
  • Soundtrack uses several pieces of classical music
  • Replicas of the spacecrafts were built in various sizes
  • Filmed almost entirely indoors in England
  • Considered one of the best, most influential films ever made

Thanks for reading! Have you seen this one?

Easter: The Story Behind “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power”

Hi, friends. Here is the final installment of the “Story Behind” series this Easter. The theme was blood, and so far we examined “Power in the Blood” and “Nothing But the Blood,” two older hymns. This song is more recent. [The featured images in this series followed Jesus’ last moves. The first one depicted the last supper, the second one depicted Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, and this one depicts Judas’ kiss that identified Jesus to authorities in the garden.]

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