100 Years Ago Today: US President Wilson Signed Sedition Act (Anti-Free Speech)

Hi, friends. Today, we reflect on a law from 100 years ago that threatened free speech in the US. [Free Speech: USA vs. Other Countries shows that the US is the nation with the most freedom of speech.] Continue reading “100 Years Ago Today: US President Wilson Signed Sedition Act (Anti-Free Speech)”

50 Years Ago Today: 2001: A Space Odyssey Premiered

Hi, friends. Today marks the 50th year anniversary of a legendary film’s premiere in Washington, D.C.

Facts About 2001: A Space Odyssey


  • Sci-fi film from 1968 (one year before US moon landing) involving outer space, extraterrestrial life, and artificial intelligence
  • Produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick (also directed Full Metal Jacket)
  • Based on a short story by Arthur Clarke, who helped Kubrick write the screenplay
  • Novel and film versions were developed together
  • Depicts spaceflight accurately–the film is considered “hard science fiction”
  • Contains minimal dialogue–none at all for the first and last twenty minutes
  • Soundtrack uses several pieces of classical music
  • Replicas of the spacecrafts were built in various sizes
  • Filmed almost entirely indoors in England
  • Considered one of the best, most influential films ever made

Thanks for reading! Have you seen this one?

William Faulkner, “Kilroy Was Here,” & the Purpose of Literature

Hi, friends. I’ve been trying to find the author of a quote that my old 20th-century American Lit professor referenced frequently; it states that art makes sense of and gives meaning to life. In my search, I stumbled across a William Faulkner interview with great quotes about writing. He uses “Kilroy was here” in a comparison at one point, and I thought it’d be fun to share the quote and explain what he’s implying with that reference.

Continue reading “William Faulkner, “Kilroy Was Here,” & the Purpose of Literature”

Black History Month: Legacy & Scandal in the Famous Franklin Family

Hi, friends. February draws to a close, so I leave off with one more post for Black History Month. The four posts were related to church and music this year; I may pick a different theme next year, though I don’t want to because these are fun!

Many have heard of Aretha Franklin (R-E-S-P-E-C-T/ Find out what it means to me), but what about the man who raised her?  Continue reading “Black History Month: Legacy & Scandal in the Famous Franklin Family”